• Auckland pool builder Mobius Pools
  • Auckland pool builder Mobius Pools


PART 1 Design & Planning - Your pool project kicks off!

Consultation, the first meeting with your Auckland Mobius Pools rep

We will come to your house, listen to your ideas and have a look at the dedicated pool location. This is an important meeting where we together can identify what you are looking at for your pool. If you want Mobius Pools to do your pool design we will take measurements that the designer can work on an accurate plan for your pool.

3-D Pool Design

If you don’t have a ready design the CAD expert at Mobius Pols will make a 3-D computer generated design before we begin construction. These incredibly realistic renderings allow you to see all the elements of your pool design as they integrate to your home and backyard. At this stage, you can make revisions and improvements as necessary. Once finalised the building consent drawings are prepared and lodged.

Materials Selection

It’s getting real, it’s time to decide on the materials for the look of your soon to be pool. We will show you samples of tile, plaster, decking and stone and choose the ones that will work best with your pool and the landscape surrounding it.

3-D computer generated design by Mobius Pools


PART 2 Construction - It’s getting exciting!

This stage is the first step in the construction of your Mobius Pool, now the dimensions of the pool design & engineering drawings are taken and laid out onto the proposed site area.

Excavation - Cue, big machinery

When the layout stage is completed it’s time to break ground, excavating the grass, underlying soil and any rock in order to prepare the site for the concrete pool construction. It’s time for the machinery to enter the site, and when you have Mobius Pools build your backyard dream you can rest easy knowing we will operate a smooth site with as little disruption to you as possible.

Breaking ground, Mobius Pools

Forming & Steel - Constructing the pool skeleton

We use steel and wood to form a solid foundation and to shape and structure your pool. Mobius Pools don’t cut any corners in shaping of the shell, we build for longevity and this stage is where the strength of your new pool is created. This very process sets us apart from many other concrete pool companies, we don’t just build pools, we build quality pools that will last. The extra time and material we use in forming the shell serves as the framework for a pool scape with the highest structural integrity.

Electrical & Plumbing

Before the shotcrete process, we have all the plumbing and electrical components installed by qualified and skilled tradesmen. Now, the shell is ready to be cast.

Reinforcing steele by Mobius Pools web.j

It’s shotcrete time - Oh yeah baby!

You’ve probably started planning the pool warming party already, guess what, this stage is almost just as awesome. A highly experienced team apply the concrete using high-pressure hoses to create the tough inner shell of your new pool. It’s amazing to see the shotcrete process, the concrete is applied and worked onto the forming structure with vigour and your Mobius Pools dream pool is well under way, yay!

Tile & Coping - Costume make the look of your pool

There is lots to choose between for your tiles and coping; natural stone tiles, slates, ceramics, and mosaics. The pool coping can be crafted from natural stone, including limestone, brick, cement, or an assortment of other materials.

Plastering made perfect

The plaster application can be a complex step but with our experienced crew it’s a breeze. The plaster is troweled onto the concrete and requires a quick, experienced and hard working crew to smooth the surface to assure a beautiful finish.

Shotcrete boss at Mobius Pools

PART 3  Mobius Pools make it crystal clear

Training & Upkeep

If you feel overwhelmed by the initial start-up and maintenance of your new pool, don’t worry. We are on top of the latest technology in sanitisation and automation and we also provide our clients with the necessary training on how to keep your new pool crystal clear and clean. 

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